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Portfolio Management

Managing money is at the core of what we do.  Many financial planning firms do not offer individually managed stock and bond portfolios because of the level of analytical skill needed to properly manage them.   They typically offer either mutual fund wrap programs or high-price outside managers causing multiple levels of fees.  We have a unique philosophy and disciplined strategy that we follow when building and making portfolio designs.

Our goal when forming Medallion Wealth Management, was to create an environment that allows our professionals to maximize time with clients and their investment portfolios.

We use independent research, technology and investment tools to blend seamlessly with our investment process and client identified goals and objectives.

We determine an appropriate asset allocation and implementation strategy that fits the client’s risk profile.  Portfolio risk and return are reviewed with clients on an ongoing basis built around the use of an Investment Policy Statement which is reviewed and updated on a regular basis. Next, we decide on appropriate benchmarks and intervals to conduct formal performance reviews. We earn our client’s trust through open and regular communication.  At Medallion, we believe “getting it right” with a client’s risk tolerance and asset allocation is critical in meeting their goals and setting return expectations.

We currently provide three options for our managed accounts.  These options include (1) separately managed portfolios of stocks and bonds, (2) managed portfolios using exchange traded funds, and (3) diversified portfolios of mutual funds.  Which portfolio is implemented depends on the size of the investment; the results of an extensive, personal risk/reward assessment; and client preference.

Our two portfolio strategists manage our portfolios internally.  They have a combined experience of over 60 years of managing people’s assets.  Having an internal management team gives our clients the opportunity to speak directly with the people analyzing and selecting the assets in the portfolios as well as increases our cost effectiveness.

Separately Managed Portfolios of Stocks and Bonds

At the heart of our equity approach is establishing our portfolios with U.S. large cap dividend paying companies that have a history of increasing their dividends.  Stock selection is a combination of strong fundamentals, reasonable valuations and market or product superiority.

Portfolios are carefully constructed dependent on prevailing market conditions and the risk/reward characteristics of each individual security.

At Medallion we recognize that companies with dominant brands and global franchises did not achieve that status by accident. With careful monitoring, great companies can form the core of a strong, long-term, tax-efficient investment strategy. Building on the core with carefully selected opportunity stocks can provide a unique perspective to client holdings.

Our fundamental stock selection process allows Medallion’s team to research, evaluate, and consider securities for portfolio inclusion. Medallion uses its market and economic outlook to structure various portfolio strategies that can be customized for individual client situations.  Clients will own individual stocks and bonds in their portfolio which has many advantages.  Our philosophy is both tax and cost efficient for our clients.

Portfolios Managed with ETFs

An Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) is an investment that holds a portfolio of securities like a mutual fund, but trades like a stock.  It can be a low-cost way to build a well-diversified portfolio.  ETFs can give exposure to a particular segment of the market (e.g. large cap U.S. stocks or S&P 500), a specific industry (pharma, tech, etc.) or a geographical region (Europe, Asia, etc.)

Medallion structures various allocations of ETF portfolios using their economic and market outlook.  Research and analysis is done to make individual ETF selections.  The portfolio options range from 100% fixed income to 100% equities to meet client investment objectives.  Portfolios may have exposure to both domestic and international markets including various types of companies and sizes, as well as multiple types of fixed income.

Portfolios Managed with Mutual Funds

There are many types of mutual funds, including index, stock funds, and bond funds.  Medallion’s portfolio managers use their economic and market outlook to structure various portfolios composed of mutual funds.  Research and analysis is done to make individual fund selections.  These allocations range from 100% fixed income to 100% equities to meet client investment objectives.  Portfolios may have exposure to both domestic and international markets as well as multiple types of fixed income.



“A sound, consistent investment process giving clients a great opportunity for both long term growth and preservation of wealth.”


Our firm is independent, thus enabling you to benefit from our ability to structure portfolios in a way that is best for you.  At Medallion, the management of your assets is handled by a dedicated, experienced team that is focused on preserving your wealth and increasing your purchasing power.

We start every relationship by developing a thorough understanding of your goals, return objectives and risk tolerance. Once we complete this analysis, we determine an appropriate asset allocation and investment strategy. This information is summarized into an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) which is our guiding document going forward. We review and update the IPS on an ongoing basis.

Our full service menu for individuals includes:

  • Individually Managed Portfolios
  • Individual Retirement Accounts
  • Fixed and Variable Annuities
  • Insurance
  • Divorce Planning

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Retirement Plans

Retirement Plan Management
401(k), 403(b), Profit Sharing, Money Purchase, Simple/SEP IRA, Pension, 457(b) and 457(f)

Medallion will serve in a 3(21) or 3(38) fiduciary capacity. Through a sound process rooted in the tenants of fiduciary oversight, our clients experience hands on service and expertise necessary in today’s challenging regulatory environment.

Trustee Support

As part of Medallion’s commitment to a fiduciary standard, we monitor your plan on a regular basis. Monitoring includes but is not limited to:

  • Investment manager (fund) performance
  • TPA/Record-keeper communication
  • Custody communication
  • Participant allocation/education

Medallion professionals meet and report to trustees quarterly, offering details in each area.

One on One Counseling

Medallion is committed to participant success through one on one counseling. Our professionals will engage participants initially and on an ongoing basis to understand their needs and offer specific information with regard to investment selection and contribution considerations.

Model Portfolios

Medallion’s professional money management team will create and offer risk-based model portfolios for participants. Through the use of these portfolios, investment decisions are made at the professional level and not left to the participant. Our model portfolios range from conservative to aggressive in nature and offer participants a customizable solution to investment decision making.

Investment Fiduciary Consulting Services / Co-fiduciary status

Medallion Wealth Management offers fiduciary oversight services for the complex environment of retirement plans. Service providers, plan administrators, and plan trustees have a legal responsibility to plan participants. Many plan fiduciaries do not realize the potential liability associated with a breach in fiduciary oversight.  Our experienced professionals hold, the  AIF® and AIFA® (Accredited Investment Fiduciary Analyst) designation. AIFA® designees offer guidance in the following areas:

  • Serve in a 3(21) or 3(38) capacity.
  • Evaluate your organization’s current fiduciary practices and recommend actions that address risk areas and help ensure compliance with applicable state and federal statutes and regulations.
  • Create and maintain a comprehensive investment policy statement.
  • Analyze and optimize your portfolio’s asset allocation strategy.
  • Report performance of your portfolio regularly and recommend changes when necessary.

Medallion also offers assistance with:

  • Selection of service providers
  • Investment committee roles and responsibilities
  • Governance processes
  • Investment evaluation and selection processes
  • Investment fees and service costs
  • Performance review protocols
  • Creation and maintenance of a comprehensive investment policy statement
  • Analyzing and optimizing your portfolio’s asset allocation strategy
  • Documentation of investment processes and decisions
  • Risk management processes
  • Performance reporting
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Conflict of interest policies
AIF® and AIFA® designees must successfully complete a specialized training program on investment fiduciary standards of care and International Organization for Standards (ISO) assessment procedures, pass a comprehensive examination, and meet the designation’s education and professional experience prerequisites which include a combination of having earned a bachelor’s, masters, and/or doctorate/JD degree: two to five years industry experience, and two years of auditing experience.    Both AIF® and AIFA® designees agree to abide by the Designee Code of Ethics. In order to maintain these designations; individuals must annually renew their affirmation of the Code of Ethics and complete continuing education credits.

Investing in securities (including the models advertised herein) involves risk of loss. Further, depending on the different types of investments there may be varying degrees of risk. Clients and prospective clients should be prepared to bear investment loss including loss of original principal. The model advertised herein is not designed based on the individual needs of any one specific client or investor. In other words, it is not a customized strategy designed on the specific financial circumstances of the client. However, prior to opening an account using the advertised model, your advisor will consult with you to determine if your financial objectives are appropriate for investing in the model. You are also provided the opportunity to place reasonable restrictions on the securities held in your account.

Credit Union Portfolio Development

Our fixed income team has been providing portfolio guidance utilizing approved investment vehicles to federal and state chartered credit unions for over 25 years.  Our team will analyze your investment portfolio and assist you in creating a blueprint for investment success.  We offer both new issue and secondary US Government agency issues, US Treasuries, mortgage-backed securities, and FDIC insured CDs.  We will review and update your Investment Policy Statement to ensure its compliance with Rule 703B.  We can provide monthly portfolio pricing, as well as, quarterly shock testing as required by Rule 703B.


Endowments, Foundations & Non-Profits

Medallion Wealth Management manages the financial assets of a broad range of not-for-profit organizations. These include religious organizations, scholarship accounts and charitable endowments.  We understand that you are stewards of your organization’s funds and therefore a high priority for Medallion is to help clients reduce their fiduciary liability by adopting sound fiduciary processes.  We combine our understanding of fiduciary practices with established portfolio management services to help trustees effectively manage their responsibilities and help your organization with its current cash flow needs and long term goals.

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Divorce may be one of the most emotional and traumatic events in a person’s life, but it does not have to be an overwhelming or financially destructive experience. We can help you understand your options and the financial realities of your situation. We will arm you with the knowledge needed to make smart decisions, avoid mistakes, and save time and money.

DIVORCE SERVICES: Often, the financial data on which settlements are based can be unreliable. This leads to future problems for one or both parties. We help you and your attorney gather and interpret all of your financial data and provide the research and education you need to reach a fair and equitable property settlement with your spouse. We want you to understand the financial impact before, during, and after divorce.

MEDIATION SERVICES: Divorce mediation is a way for you and your spouse to work together to control the decisions that will affect your futures instead of having a Judge make these decisions for you. We can help you resolve issues on child custody, property division, child/spousal support, and other divorce related issues. Mediation is a private and confidential way to resolve disputes and come to an agreement that address both parties goals, values and needs.


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